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Applications and Forms

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Recent Updates

Effective April 2023

New and updated applications and forms were added.

DRP - Base Application – Referrals & Letters

For certain auto-related businesses

For confirmation that an existing structure can be rebuilt if damaged or destroyed

For registering yard sales on non-designated weekends

For information verifying land use and zoning of a property

DRP - Base Application – Permits and Reviews

For the review of airport land use policies and airport operations in public use airports in Los Angeles County. Visit Airport Land Use Planning for more information

For converting a Certificate of Exception to a Certificate of Compliance. CofEs were issued to projects that legally created up to 4 parcels created between 1967 and 1972

For participation in the Small Business Streamlining Pilot Program. Qualifying small businesses will submit this application to receive counseling on required entitlements and permits from LA County Planning and other County Departments and be assigned a concierge to assist them in navigating the entire approval process.

For residential projects that request waiving or modifying requirements that are reasonable and necessary for a person with a disability

For minor changes or updates to approved Conditional Use Permit site plans

For temporary living in a Recreational Vehicle. Visit Public Health RV Drinking Water and Wastewater for more information. No registration or application with LA County Planning is required.

For modify zoning standards. See “Parking Permit” and “Minor Parking Deviation” for modifying parking requirements. See “Yard Modification” for modifying yard requirements

DRP – Base Application – Subdivisions

For pre-application counseling on  subdivisions. Counseling may be with LA County Planning and other County departments. Visit Planning Permits for more information

To record a final map, please contact the County Department of Public Works or apply through EPIC-LA.

For release of planning-related bonds posted for a subdivision. Visit How Do I File An Application for more information

Additional Information and Forms

For appealing a decision to the Regional Planning Commission

For withdrawing an application and requesting application filing fee refunds.

For review of development in the Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Zone by the Environmental Review Board advisory committee. Visit Public Hearings and Meetings for more information

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