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LA County

Check Status of an Application

You can use EPIC-LA to check any application status. You can also look up the case planner, check for payments due, or access related public documents.

You will need some information to start.


In EPIC-LA, a project is a related group of permits or plans. The project number starts with a year, and then six numbers. Example: 2020-001234.


In EPIC-LA, a plan is a type of application. We use “plan” in EPIC-LA, but other Los Angeles County departments, like Public Works, use “permit.” Our plan numbers start with four letters:

  • RPAP, for a base application, or
  • RPPL, for an accepted application.

After the letters are 10 numbers, including the year. Example: RPPL2020001234.


In EPIC-LA, you can use part of an address or the Assessor’s Parcel Number. The APN is also known as Assessor’s Identification Number, or AIN. This is a 10-digit number assigned by the LA County Assessor.

Read the case look-up instructions for more information.


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