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What is Zoning Enforcement

Zoning Enforcement is responsible for enforcing the Zoning Code (Title 22) on private property within unincorporated Los Angeles County areas, communities that are not part of a city. Our goal is to protect public health, safety, and welfare, to promote compatibility between various land uses and to encourage attractive communities. The Zoning Enforcement Team aims to work together with communities to maintain a safe, inviting, and healthy environment for residents, businesses, and visitors.

Use the Z-NET interactive zoning map to find out if you live in an unincorporated community and zoning information for your property.

Learn more about land use and zoning or read the County Code.

Enforcement Process

See the flow chart below for our general enforcement process. The Notice of Violation (NOV) is the first letter mailed in our process. If you receive an NOV stating that your property violates the Zoning Code, read the NOV carefully to identify deadlines and which items require our department’s approval to continue. Contact the Investigating Planner for clarification of the NOV. Please see Guide to Notices for detailed information about enforcement letters.

Please see the ZE Process Flyer to learn more about the Enforcement Process. 


Contact Us

To contact the Investigating Planner that is assigned to the case, schedule a time to meet in person, or schedule a virtual appointment, please call (213) 974-6453 or (213) 974-6483; or by email at The investigating planner is only available by appointment at your local Building and Safety Field Office.

Find your local Field Office for more information.

Additional Resources

To report violations that are not enforceable by Zoning Enforcement, such as violations within the public right of way (such as sidewalks, medians, streets, etc.), please see Additional Resources for contact information of other County agencies.

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