Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2015-2020


LA County Planning takes a leadership role in applying best practices in community and environmental planning to achieve high-quality development that benefits all who live and work in Los Angeles County. We help our communities retain their distinctive identities and achieve economic vitality in balance with the needs of our natural environment.


LA County Planning plans and helps shape the development of safe, healthy, equitable and sustainable communities while respecting individual rights and protecting the natural environment through excellent public service provided in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.


Customer Service – We deliver thoughtful, impartial results, take pride in our work, and provide excellent public service.
Technical Competency – We bring a deep understanding of the built and natural environment and provide state-of-the-art planning services.
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving – We craft innovative, holistic solutions to complex planning issues while respecting the distinctive character of each community.
Inclusivity – We work with our agency partners and community members to create better places and environments that are equitable, just, and sustainable.
Collaboration – We operate as a cohesive team to respond effectively to the needs of the public we serve.
Integrity – We create an atmosphere of openness and transparency to protect the public interest.

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