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LA County

Strategic Plan

Our 2023 Strategic Plan for Equity emphasizes diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Strategic Plan reflects the Board’s anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion (ARDI) initiative. It also recognizes that our work needs to address our society’s systemic challenges.

We understand that embedding equity into everything we do – including how we work together and what projects we work on – is critical in creating a more equitable LA County.


LA County Planning will become a nationally recognized leader known for utilizing and developing policies, practices, and other necessary interventions that make unincorporated LA County a racially equitable place.


LA County Planning provides equitable planning, development, and engagement for all unincorporated LA County residents and businesses to help create vibrant, sustainable, and resilient communities.

Cover of LA County Department of Regional Planning Strategic Plan


  • Collaboration Fostering a collaborative environment, both internally and with the public.
  • Heritage Building upon a century of meaningful planning work in LA County.
  • Innovation Continuously seeking out new ways to address the County’s challenges.
  • Service Delivering dependable, transparent, and equitable customer support.
  • Stewardship Caring for communities and the environment.
  • Equity Becoming an inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace where everyone can succeed.
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