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Planning Permits

An accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, is a unit with a full kitchen and bathroom that is accessory to residential. Also called a granny flat or second unit, it can be on a property with a home or apartment building. It can also be detached or attached. ADUs usually cost less than building a new home and homeowners can offer them as rental housing. They also provide living space for family members or caregivers on the same property. A junior ADU, or JADU, is like an ADU but its maximum size is 500 square feet. The JADU also has to be within the main home and have its own exterior access.


Image of different accessory dwelling unit configurations: single-family residence with attached ADU, single-family residence with detached ADU, single-family residence with junior ADU and detached ADU, and multi-family residential with attached and detached ADUs


The Regional Planning Commission will consider an amendment to the County’s ADU Ordinance in Spring 2024. The proposed changes to the ADU Ordinance update local standards and ensure that the County’s ADU regulations comply with State law. Please visit the ADU Ordinance Amendment page for more information and to view the draft ordinance.

Standard ADU Plans Program

This program will make pre-approved plans available to the public. The goal is to speed up the County review and approval process. It helps guide homeowners who may not know where to start. It also helps ensure that homeowners work with qualified, experienced professionals.
Professional architects and designers created plans with different ADU types, styles and sizes.  These plans are approved by LA County Planning and Public Works Building and Safety.
Homeowners first select an ADU Plan. Then they will need to work with the architect/designer to buy, complete, and submit the plans for County review and permitting.

Application for the Standard ADU Pilot Program


If you want your ADU design to be pre-approved for the Standard ADU Pilot Program, you can submit a DRP – Base Application. Also complete the Standard ADU Pilot Program Checklist.

For questions about submittal, please contact the Operations and Major Projects Section at or call (213) 974-6411. 


When ADU plans are pre-approved, they will be posted on this page.


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