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The following GIS apps let you interact with GIS information so you can view and research land use and zoning  information.  You can also look at subdivision activity, aerial imagery, and many other features for unincorporated communities, or areas outside a city in Los Angeles County.

Large amounts of data may be transmitted while using these sites. Please note that loading time will depend on your connection speed and the amount of data requested.

Send direct feedback about any of these GIS apps to


The GIS-NET Public viewer provides spatial tools and planning and zoning information for our areas. This GIS app will work on a mobile device.

Read the basic tutorial guide or watch the overview video for more information.


The Z-NET viewer provides land use, zoning and other overlays in simple to use interface.  One main way to use Z-NET is to check if we are your planning department (is the property in an unincorporated area), or is it in one of the County’s 88 cities.

Read the basic tutorial guide or watch the overview video for more information.


The Airport Land Use Commission viewer (nicknamed A-NET) provides layers associated with ALUC, including airport locations, airport Influence Areas, runway protection zones, noise contours, and other areas. You can also see these ALUC layers over aerial imagery or other basemaps.

Visit the ALUC webpage for more information.


The Housing viewer (nicknamed Housing-NET) provides layers to help you complete the SB 330 Preliminary Application. SB 330 is also known as the Housing Crisis Act, and is state law that streamlines qualifying housing development projects and vests or locks in requirements at the time of Preliminary Application.

Read the SB 330 summary for more information.


The Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Program viewer (SMMLCP-NET) provides layers regarding land use and zoning in the Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Zone. Other key layers include biological resources and scenic resources.

Visit the Santa Monica Mountains LCP webpage for more information.


The Santa Monica Mountains North Area viewer (nicknamed SMMNA-Resources) provides layers related to the Santa Monica Mountains North Area Plan.

Visit the Santa Monica Mountains North Area Plan webpage for more information.

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