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LA County

Airport Land Use Commission

The LA County Airport Land Use Commissions (ALUC) implements state law regarding airports and surrounding land use compatibility for LA County.


With limited exceptions, an ALUC is required by California law in every county with airports in their jurisdiction. Each ALUC must develop a plan for promoting and ensuring compatibility between each airport in the county and surrounding land uses. In LA County, the Regional Planning Commission also acts as the ALUC.


Image of Commissioner Duarte-White

Supervisorial District 1

Yolanda Duarte-White, Commissioner

Image of Commissioner Louie

Supervisorial District 2

David W. Louie, Vice Chair

Image of Commissioner O'Connor

Supervisorial District 3

Pam O’Connor, Chair

Image of Commissioner Moon

Supervisorial District 4

Elvin W. Moon, Commissioner

Image of Commissioner Hastings

Supervisorial District 5

Michael R. Hastings, Commissioner

Image of Eli Luna, Commission Secretary


Elida Luna

Commission members may be reached by contacting the Commission Secretary by email or at (213) 974-6409.


The purpose of the ALUC is “to protect public health, safety, and welfare by ensuring the orderly expansion of airports and the adoption of land use measures that minimize the public’s exposure to excessive noise and safety hazards within areas around public airports to the extent that these areas are not already devoted to incompatible uses.”

To fulfill its purpose, each ALUC has three primary responsibilities:

  • Coordinate airport land use compatibility planning efforts at the state, regional, and local levels;
  • Prepare and adopt an Airport Land Use Compability Plan for each public-use airport in its jurisdiction; and
  • Review plans, regulations and other actions of local agencies and airport operators.

In LA County, LA County Planning staff acts as the staff for ALUC.


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