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South Bay
Area Plan

Vision for outreach:


The following is a list of outreach goals to help guide development of the South Bay Area Plan:

  1. Understand community needs and priorities.
  2. Conduct a community-driven planning process to drive community-supported outcomes and prioritization of community stakeholders. Improve equity and justice in land use planning by encouraging the participation of those often left out of the planning process such as low-income groups and people of color.
  3. Increase awareness of developing the South Bay Area Plan and deliver timely information.
  4. Capacity-building to increase land use and planning knowledge for community members. Education of planning and processes and an understanding of decision-making to equip community members to shape outcomes in the built environment.
  5. Provide information in plain, simple language, using multiple formats and with language accessibility.

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

A Community Advisory Committee comprised of community leaders will serve to promote the goals of the South Bay Area Plan, spread awareness, provide local knowledge and perspectives, and build trust for adopting the South Bay Area Plan.

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