Antelope Valley Community Standards Districts


This is the website for the Antelope Valley Community Standards Districts (AVCSDs) project. It will create or update local zoning regulations for many communities within unincorporated Antelope Valley.

This 16-minute video covers the following:

  • What is a CSD?
  • How does the CSD relate to the Zoning Code?
  • How can it influence what can/cannot be built on private property?
  • How do LA County Planning and other County departments use the CSD?
  • What are the costs and benefits are of having a CSD?
  • How can communities together with LA County Planning to create CSDs that will preserve, support and enhance rural lifestyles?

A printout of this presentation with notes is here. If you don’t have 16 minutes, here’s a CSD fact sheet that explains the basics.


LA County Planning

Community Studies North



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