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Green Zones Program

Green Zones Program

Initiated by the Board of Supervisors in 2015, the Green Zones Program seeks to enhance public health and land use compatibility in the unincorporated communities that bear a disproportionate pollution burden.


The Groundtruthing Report-Back Meeting was held on August 11, 2018. More details are available in Groundtruthing.

Green Zones Program Framework

Environmental Justice is a broad issue that touches upon various aspects of land use planning. A key concept in EJ is transparency and community engagement in the process. In order to create implementable and effective planning tools, the Green Zones Program employs data-driven approach and robust stakeholder outreach strategy. It consists of the following components:

Land Use Policy

EJ issues are inherently related to land use incompatibility and regulations. Toxic pollutants emitted near residential neighborhoods or schools pose serious threats on public health as well as the environment. The Green Zones Program will include land use policies and zoning regulations to help improve such conditions in neighborhoods.

Community Engagement

The Green Zones Program will be developed through a rigorous community engagement process that raises awareness of environmental justice, identifies community needs, and encourages meaningful participation and transparency. Groundtruthing activities in Green Zones Program pilot communities, in partnership with community-based organizations and residents, will help document environmental hazards block-by-block and inform the Program’s land use policies and toxic hotspots map.

Toxic Hotspots Map

The Green Zones Program’s toxic hotspots map will identify stationary sources of pollution and analyze cumulative environmental impacts, based on experts’ recommendations and the information gathered from groundtruthing activities. This tool will serve as a public resource and provide a foundation for environmental justice policies.

Prevention and Mitigation

Prevention and mitigation strategies are important in environmental justice. The Green Zones Program seeks to develop ways to improve coordination among various regulatory agencies and to support businesses to become better neighbors, helping to mitigate current and prevent future environmental impacts.

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