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LA County

Hearing Officer

Hearing Officers are LA County Planning staff members with authority to hold public hearings. They are appointed by the Director of LA County Planning and confirmed by the County Board of Supervisors. They conduct public hearings and render decisions on non-controversial and routine cases. Hearing Officers also render decisions on Final Zoning Enforcement Orders.

Hearing Officer meetings are generally on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 9:00 a.m. Meeting schedules may change based on need.


On November 26, 1985, the County Board of Supervisors introduced ordinances that allowed LA County Planning staff to serve as hearing officers.


In general, the Hearing Officer:

  • conducts the public hearing,
  • analyzes the merits of a case,
  • renders a decision,
  • ensures the adequacy of the findings and conditions, and
  • ensures the decision is not influenced by outside issues or individuals.

Meeting Materials



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