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West Athens Westmont Community Plan

The West Athens Westmont Community Plan was adopted on March 15, 1989. The Community Plan established a framework of goals, policies and programs on which to make decisions as to the allocation of resources and the pattern, density, and character of development in the West Athens/Westmont community. The Community Plan details preferred land use and the kinds of public facilities including highways, schools, and parks that are needed to accommodate the people who live and work there. Although the plan is composed of individual elements which address a particular planning concern, the plan is structured to provide an integrated policy strategy in which a comprehensive range of community concerns and issues are addressed.

The countywide chapters and elements of the General Plan shall guide decisions involving regional concerns. Issues not addressed or elements not included in the West Athens-Westmont Community Plan are incorporated by reference from the Los Angeles County General Plan.

Additionally, in those instances where a decision may involve both local and regional concerns, it is the countywide General Plan that sets policy direction parameters. In some cases, both the General Plan and the Community Plan may address a particular issue. In such a case, the more stringent policy shall apply.

The West Athens Westmont Community Plan is within the boundary of the pending Metro Area Plan

What is a Community Plan?

Community plans cover smaller geographic areas within a larger Planning Area identified by the Los Angeles County 2035 General Plan (General Plan) and address neighborhood and/or community-level policy issues.

The Community Plan, as a component of the overall General Plan, serves to provide governmental decision makers with a local perspective, and with guidelines appropriate to local issues. For example, land use and circulation policies will be more detailed and specific. However, decisions made must reflect the direction set by both the countywide General Plan and the Community Plan.

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