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Disaster Recovery

The Disaster Recovery Ordinance establishes regulations for the orderly recovery of residents, businesses, and property in the unincorporated areas after a disaster. The ordinance expands existing regulations for temporary housing for residents displaced by a disaster and establishes procedures for the replacement of buildings and structures and the reestablishment of uses damaged or destroyed by a disaster. The ordinance will amend Title 22 (Planning and Zoning) in order to speed recovery in the unincorporated communities of Los Angeles County after a disaster.

Los Angeles County has experienced major emergencies caused by earthquakes and wildfires. Major earthquakes occurred in Southern California, causing widespread damage to the County: Long Beach (1933), San Fernando (1971), Whittier Narrows (1987), and Northridge (1994). In a span of 12 years, three wildfires, the Station Fire (2009), Woolsey (2018), and Lake and Bobcat Fire (2020), each burned ~100,000+ acres, destroyed homes and communities, and displaced residents. Los Angeles County is also vulnerable to emergencies caused by floods, landslides, tornadoes, tsunamis, and manmade activities. With emergencies occurring frequently, the County must proactively support recovery from future disasters.

The ordinance supports County resiliency after a disaster by:

• Reducing displacement of residents by allowing temporary housing and for rebuilding single-family residences.
• Encouraging the recovery of business and property by allowing replacement of buildings and structures and reestablishment of uses.

The Disaster Recovery Ordinance will not apply to areas impacted by the Woolsey Fire or Lake and Bobcat Fire.

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