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Climate Action Plan

LA County acknowledges the well-established consensus that human activity, especially the combustion of fossil fuels since the beginning of industrialization, is the primary cause of the climate crisis. Now, more than ever, climate change has become a real, urgent, and significant threat, with impacts being felt today in Los Angeles County and around the globe. Climate change has already inflicted harm on Los Angeles County residents, especially its most vulnerable, and has the strong potential to negatively affect the safety, public health, economy, and quality of life of future generations. On September 4, 2018, the LA County Board of Supervisors adopted a motion supporting the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement (Paris Agreement) and added Los Angeles County to the We Are Still In Declaration. By this action, LA County is committed to adapting its programs and services to reduce the unincorporated County areas’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and help limit global temperature increases.

Overview of the Revised Draft 2045 CAP

The Revised Draft 2045 Los Angeles County Climate Action Plan (2045 CAP) is LA County’s path toward meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement and striving towards carbon neutrality for unincorporated areas of the County. The Revised Draft 2045 CAP builds on previous climate action work from the Unincorporated Los Angeles County Community Climate Action Plan 2020, adopted in October 2015 as a subcomponent of the Air Quality Element of the Los Angeles County General Plan 2035. The Revised Draft 2045 CAP identifies strategies, measures, and actions to mitigate emissions from community activities, which may include some municipal operations.



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