Two main areas are Significant Ecological Areas and the Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Zone. We need biological experts to prepare studies for projects in these areas. Use our Certified Biological Consultants List when you need to prepare a study.

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OAK Trees and Oak Woodlands

Oaks are protected as a significant historical, aesthetic, and ecological resource. Oak woodlands are a collection of trees that provide a special place for more than 5,000 animal and insect species, and hundreds of other plant species.

Visit Oak Woodlands Conservation Management Plan for more information.

Joshua Trees

The western Joshua tree was listed as a Candidate species for listing under the California Endangered Species Act on October 9, 2020. As a Candidate species, the Joshua tree has full protection under state law.

The Joshua tree is also protected under the Significant Ecological Area (SEA) ordinance, and any impacts to Joshua trees requires an SEA Conditional Use Permit.

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One of the most critical elements for maintaining the County’s environmental quality and biological diversity, is the linkage of natural areas. These linkages promote healthy biological populations and increase their resilience against environmental impacts, including climate change.

Read the Guidance for Evaluating Impacts on Wildlife Movement in LA County for more information.

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