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Area Plan

The Westside Area Plan focuses on 7 communities with LA County’s Westside Planning Area. These communities are: Ladera Heights, View Park – Windsor Hills, Franklin Canyon, West LA Sawtelle VA, West Fox Hills, Marina del Rey, Gilmore Island and Beverly Hills Island. The Westside Planning Area is one of the 11 planning areas established as part of the Planning Areas Framework in the Los Angeles County General Plan Update in 2015.

The Westside Area Plan aims to streamline and update existing County regulations in these communities to encourage more housing development, historic preservation, and multi-modal transportation, while focusing on environmental justice issues around oil wells and future development. The Westside Area Plan will consider the guiding principles of the General Plan including: Smart Growth, Community Services & Infrastructure, Economic Strength & Diversity, Environmental Resource Management, Healthy, Livable & Equitable Communities, and Community Voices, Strengths & Outcomes.

The Area Plan is a long term project that will take several years to complete. Project phases include research and data analysis; community outreach, workshops, and visioning; development of goals, policies and implementation actions; and preparation of the Area Plan and Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

Community Outreach

Our community outreach effort has two major phases. We will complete the first phase of our community outreach in the spring and summer of 2023 and our next round of outreach is planned for the spring of 2024.

Project Surveys

Two project surveys are currently available for public input:

Please check out our community events page for more information and to learn more about our community outreach strategies.

Westside Area Plan Timeline

Westside Area Plan Timeline


LA County Planning
Westside Area Plan Team

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