Hacienda Heights
Community Plan

The Hacienda Heights Community Plan (Plan) is a comprehensive, long-range plan to guide development in Hacienda Heights. The Plan was created through an award-winning participatory process and seeks to achieve the shared vision and future desired by Hacienda Heights residents through goals, policies, a land use map, and implementation actions that will guide future development. The Plan was adopted in May 2011.

What is a Community Plan?

Community plans cover smaller geographic areas within a larger Planning Area identified by the Los Angeles County 2035 General Plan (General Plan) and address neighborhood and/or community-level policy issues.

The Community Plan, as a component of the overall General Plan, serves to provide governmental decision makers with a local perspective, and with guidelines appropriate to local issues. For example, land use and circulation policies will be more detailed and specific. However, decisions made must reflect the direction set by both the countywide General Plan and the Community Plan.

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