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Countywide Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The Countywide Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CCWPP) is a voluntary community-driven document intended to provide community-focused fire protection and strategies for all unincorporated at-risk communities. The CCWPP will identify and prioritize potential vegetation treatment projects and other wildfire prevention strategies such as home hardening and public education. The CCWPP will also include region-specific risk assessment information. A finalized CCWPP will improve grant funding opportunities for communities to implement the identified strategies.

The CCWPP will be organized by forecast zones designations consistent with Los Angeles County Fire Department zones for evaluating fire weather due to similar climatological patterns. These forecast zones are: Antelope Valley, High Country, Santa Clarita Valley, Los Angeles Basin, and Santa Monica Mountains. Analysis at the Forecast Zone level can better capture fire weather influences and inform planning decisions related to fire management.

A concurrent effort to address wildfire is the Community Wildfire Protection (CWP) Ordinance. The CWP Ordinance aims to modify existing regulations to strengthen wildfire protection for new development. If approved, the CWP Ordinance will apply to new development in the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone and have specific requirements for new subdivisions and projects located in hillside areas. Unlike the CCWPP which documents candidate local hazardous fuel reduction projects, the CWP Ordinance is a regulatory document which mandates specific requirements for new development.


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