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LA County

La Crescenta-Montrose Visioning Workshop

On Saturday, October 7th, 2023, the West San Gabriel Valley Area Plan (WSGVAP or Area Plan) team hosted a community visioning workshop at La Crescenta Library for the unincorporated community of La Crescenta-Montrose. The event was attended by community stakeholders who had an opportunity to take part in the visioning process. Participants’ knowledge about the community, its history, and their ideas for its future will inform the development of the Area Plan. Please see the WSGVAP Fact Sheet for a summary of the Area Plan.

Picture of a room of attendees listening to a presentation at the front of the room.

The event included a mix of presentations and interactive activity aimed at gathering feedback from residents. The event also integrated a resource fair component with participation from LA County Department of Public Works.

Picture of County staff posing for a photo at a County table.

The first activity was based around sharing favorite memories and places to provide a basis to learn community values. Values uncovered from the first activity included access to natural areas and parks, discovery and freedom to explore, family gatherings and a sense of community support.

Picture of attendees viewing a presentation in small groups.

Next, the second activity tasked participants with reimagining community change and envisioning a local commercial area 20 years in the future. Opportunities for change included the expansion of walking and biking paths for recreation and access to neighborhood shops, additional landscaping and tree cover over major streets, and more local-serving businesses along Foothill Boulevard.

Finally, the third activity involved identifying specific community assets, opportunities, and concerns.

Noted community assets included access to high quality schools, public facilities, institutions, and recreational areas. Mountain views and the community’s proximity to foothill wildland areas were also noted as unique assets. This feedback was denoted in green.

Picture of a map with green post-it notes.

Opportunities for improvement included the provision of more local-serving businesses along Foothill Boulevard, enhancement of the public realm through landscaping and an expanded tree canopy, and more gathering spaces for sports and community activities. These opportunities for improvement were denoted in yellow.

Picture of a map with yellow post-it notes.

Concerns within the community included traffic congestion and community safety, as well as a concern for the balance of the community’s existing character with new development. Concerns were denoted in red.

Picture of a map with red post-it notes.

This event would not be possible without the participation and feedback from local residents and stakeholders. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us and learn more about the project.

Please visit the following links to view presentation slides and summary notes from the visioning workshop:

To keep updated on events, read notes from past events, and learn more about the plan development process, visit 

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