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Community Spotlight: La Crescenta-Montrose

Location and Development Pattern

The area of La Crescenta-Montrose encompasses the historically separate communities of La Crescenta and Montrose. La Crescenta, the larger of the two subareas, is located to the north of I-210. The grid of La Crescenta runs parallel to I-210, which gives the community a diagonal orientation. Montrose, located to the south of I-210, is a planned subdivision dating from the early 1920s. The area is served by two primary commercial corridors. Foothill Boulevard is located north of I-210 and connects to residential areas in La Crescenta, Glendale, and La Cañada-Flintridge. Honolulu Blvd is another commercial corridor in the area, located to the south of unincorporated Montrose and within the jurisdiction of Glendale.

La Crescenta-Montrose is located at the northwest corner of the WSGV planning area. The 3.45 square-mile area is surrounded by the city of Glendale to the south and west and the city of La Canada Flintridge to the east. The majority of the area’s northern boundary directly abuts the San Gabriel Mountains and Angeles National Forest. The total population of La Crescenta-Montrose is 19,893.

Land Use

Over 82 percent of the land area of La Crescenta-Montrose consists of single-family residential uses. Approximately five percent of the community’s land area consists of multi-unit housing. About two percent of the land area is allocated to commercial uses, and nine percent is allocated to government uses.

Housing Data

La Crescenta-Montrose has 7,375 housing units, with 76.5 percent of them being single-family homes, which is much higher than the County average of 54.6 percent. 22.2 percent of the housing stock is multi-family, which is much lower than the County average of 43.7 percent. The majority of the housing stock was built before 1979 (83 percent), which is more than the County average of 72.7 percent. Less than 1 percent of the community’s housing stock was built since 2010. This is much less than the County average of 3.6 percent of housing built since 2010. The community also has comparatively high homeownership rates (59.5 percent) when compared to the County (46.3 percent).

Race and Ethnicity

La Crescenta-Montrose is a diverse community, including residents identifying as White (46.87%), Asian (26.36%), Hispanic/Latino/a/e (17.98%), people of two or more Races (7.79%), African American (.39%), Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (.29%), and American Indian/Native American (.13%).


Community Amenities. Leveraging the existing community amenities in La Crescenta-Montrose, such as the elementary schools, parks and open space, and grocery stores, presents an opportunity for future planning efforts that build off of and connect to existing amenities. Areas with existing amenities can be considered for more diverse types of residential uses that are compatible with the existing community character.

Income and Education. The high levels of educational attainment and above-average median household income in La Crescenta-Montrose offer a strong foundation for future planning efforts geared toward promoting economic stability. Additionally, the County can consider allocating resources to support residents who fall below the income and education averages, thus advancing equity and fostering inclusion within the community.

Open Space Programs. La Crescenta-Montrose is home to the Rosemont Preserve, featuring 7.6 acres of natural open space and protected wilderness land in La Crescenta. The Preserve’s customized, free educational field trips programs for schools in Los Angeles County, provides an equitable and accessible educational opportunity for youth of all ages to learn about a variety of topics, including Native American and regional California history, native plants, water conservation, and geology. The County could consider increasing awareness around this program and using it as a model for other communities in the County to learn and build from.

Diversity. The ethnic and cultural diversity in La Crescenta-Montrose provides an opportunity for the community to promote cultural exchange and inclusivity, fostering a more vibrant and united environment for all residents. Embracing this diversity can lead to a stronger sense of community and shared understanding among its diverse inhabitants.

Park Needs Assessment

In 2016, the Department of Parks and Recreation analyzed the park needs countywide, and in 2022, the Department of Parks and Recreation released a focused update to the 2016 park needs analysis. To access the assessment for La Crescenta-Montrose, click the link below.

Next Steps

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