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What is a Zoning Violation?

A zoning violation is any land use maintained contrary to the provisions of Title 22. Common zoning violations include the following examples:

Inaccessible Garage

Required covered off-street parking facilities, such as a garage or carport, must be maintained accessible for the parking of vehicle(s), unless DRP approval for another use has been obtained and replacement parking provided. For example, the garage entrance and driveway shall be free of obstacles so that vehicles can freely access the driveway and garage or carport interior and be parked inside.

Yard Setbacks (Click the photos for additional information.)

Development within a required front, side, or rear yard setback area without DRP approval is generally prohibited.

Parking of Vehicles in the Front Yard

The parking or storage of vehicles in front yard areas is prohibited unless on a driveway, which is the area leading directly to an approved garage or carport. The front yard is that area, paved or unpaved, between the structure and the road not including the driveway.

Recreational Vehicles/Boats in the Driveway

Recreational vehicles, such as motorhomes, travel trailers, and boats, are not permitted to be stored, parked, or maintained in the driveway.

Commercial Vehicle Storage

Commercial vehicles are not permitted to be parked, stored or maintained on residential or agricultural properties.

Inoperative Vehicles

Inoperative vehicles are not permitted to be parked, stored, or maintained on residential or agricultural zoned properties. The Zoning Code defines an inoperable vehicle as a vehicle that “cannot be moved under its own power or which cannot lawfully be operated on a public street or highway for any reason other than the lack of current vehicle registration.”

Occupied Recreational Vehicles/Trailers

Living in a recreational vehicle or trailer for any length of time on a property is prohibited.

Yard Sales

Yard sales are only permitted on the last full weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of each month. Two additional weekends may be permitted with registration. No yard sales are permitted Monday through Friday. The items allowed to be sold at a yard sale shall be limited to secondhand, household or incidental personal items owned by the property owner(s) or tenant(s) of the dwelling unit conducting the yard sale. No new items or new merchandise acquired for resale are permitted. Sales shall be contained in the front and side yard areas of a residence.


Automobile repair activities such as dismantling, body & fender repair, painting, engine overhaul, transmission repair, battery, brakes, muffler, or radiator installation, and upholstering are prohibited in residential and agricultural zones and outside of an enclosed structure in commercial and industrial zones.

Business Signage

There are many specific requirements regarding the placement of business signs such as wall business signs, roof signs, and poles signs in commercial and industrial zones. Temporary signage such as banners and portable signs are prohibited.

Outside Display and/or Sales

Merchandise displayed and sold outside of an enclosed building is generally prohibited. Temporary outside display or sales of goods may be allowed through a Temporary Use Permit (TUP).

Junk and Salvage

Storing items classified as junk and salvage material on commercial, residential and agricultural properties is prohibited.

Outside Storage

Storing items outside of an enclosed structure is unpermitted.

Vacant Land

Properties that are vacant and without an established use must be maintained clear of any storage materials, vehicles, and structures until plans have been approved to establish a primary use on the land. Living on vacant land is prohibited.

Oak Trees

Oak trees are a protected tree species. Encroachment into the protected zone of an oak tree, as well as damage and/or removal of an oak tree without DRP approval is generally prohibited. The protected zone of an oak tree is measured 15 feet from the trunk, or 5 feet from the dripline (canopy), whichever is greater.

This is a partial list of common violation types. If you have any specific inquiry regarding a possible zoning violation, please call the Zoning Enforcement Section at (213) 974-6453 or (213) 974-6483. If you require reasonable accommodations or materials in an alternative format, please contact the ADA Coordinator at (213) 974-6488 (Voice) or (213) 617-2292 (TDD), with at least three business days notice.

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