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The Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning (DRP) regulates land use on private property through application and enforcement of the County’s Planning & Zoning Code, Title 22. DRP only has jurisdiction over the Unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. The overall objectives of planning and zoning are to protect public health, safety and welfare, to promote compatibility between various land uses and developments and to promote an attractive and well-planned community.

While there are many causes of neighborhood deterioration, one important and preventable factor is the intrusion of illegal and objectionable uses. DRP’s Zoning Enforcement Section is responsible for enforcing Title 22. Vigorous zoning enforcement efforts can do much to prevent or arrest the spread of such uses and is an effective tool for neighborhood maintenance and enhancement.

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If you are a resident of Unincorporated Los Angeles County, you must be in compliance with all the regulations of the Los Angeles County Code including Title 22 (Zoning Code).

Resolving a Notice of Violation

If you received a Notice of Violation, please review the enforcement process to understand what are the steps required to abate a zoning violation. The enforcement process also applies to permits. For more information on permit compliance, please contact the Investigating Planner on the Notice of Violation letter.

Reporting a Zoning Violation

If you would like to report a violation, click here to review all available options to submit a complaint. If the property isn’t located within unincorporated Los Angeles County, please click on the Resources & Guides tab for links to the code enforcement information of other municipalities and LA County departments. If you are uncertain as to what is a zoning code violation, you can view examples of the most common zoning code violations at the Zoning Violations tab or you can visit our FAQs page for additional information. To find out the Zoning Enforcement Inspector for your community, please contact us. Thank you for visiting our webpage and your interest in your community. Effective planning requires public participation and Zoning Enforcement is a conduit that allows the public to participate in the planning process. Through Zoning Enforcement, the spread of illegal and objectionable uses can be prevented.

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