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Sep 17, 2008
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Nov 09, 2017
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Zoning Ordinance Summary, Commercial Zones,

Zone CPD: Commercial Planned Development

Permitted Uses:

  • One R-A uses (22.28.340)
  • Non-residential C-1 uses with approved CUP (22.28.340)

Minimum Required Area:

  • 5000 sq. ft. (22.28.340 and 22.52.100)

Maximum Height Limit:

  • 35 feet (22.28.170)
  • 13 times buildable area (22.52.050)

Minimum Required Parking:

  • Same as zones R-A and C-1 (22.28.340, 22.20.130, 22.52.1180)
  • As required by CUP (22.28.340)

Building Setback:

  • Same as R-A (22.28.340, 22.20.450, 22.20.120)
  • Subject to the provisions of the CUP

Maximum Lot Coverage:

  • Does not apply
  • 40% of gross area of the lot (22.28.340)

Other Standards:

  • Same as R-A
  • Design, access, utilities, signs, walls, walks, landscaping, and development schedule to be established in the conditional use permit

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