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May 29, 2019
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May 30, 2019
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Apr 30, 2019
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Centennial Specific Plan

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The Centennial Specific Plan first began as a vision filed with LA County Regional Planning in 2002. After more than 16 years of review by the County and other local, state and federal agencies and departments, as well as considerable public input given at community meetings and public hearings, the Specific Plan was adopted by the LA County Board of Supervisors on April 30, 2019 and became effective on May 30, 2019. The Specific Plan authorizes the development of a new master-planned community of 19,333 residences and 8.4 million square feet of commercial and business park uses, with associated grading, utilities, infrastructure, public services and facilities, and offsite infrastructure and mitigation areas.

The buildout timeframe for Centennial is approximately 20 years from the initial groundbreaking. Once fully built-out, the population is estimated to be 57,000 people.

The Centennial site is located in the upper northwest corner of Los Angeles County, adjacent to Kern County, where the southern end of the Tehachapi Range meets the northern reach of the San Gabriel Mountains. The site sits along State Route 138 and is approximately one mile east of the Interstate 5 freeway. It consists of 12,323 acres (or 19.3 square miles) of land, mostly low and gently-rolling hills, and plains. Much of the Centennial site has been used as grazing land for more than 100 years.

Centennial is a part of the wider Tejon Ranch property. At approximately 270,000 acres (422 square miles), Tejon Ranch is the largest expanse of private land in California under a single ownership. Over 90 percent of the Ranch will remain as open space under a Ranch-wide conservation agreement signed by multiple environmental organizations in 2008. Information on Tejon Ranch can be found here: http://tejonranch.com/. Information about the management of conservation lands within the Tejon Ranch can be found here: http://www.tejonconservancy.org/.

Approved and adopted with the Centennial Specific Plan on April 30, 2019 were the following permits and entitlements: Development Agreement, Highway Plan Amendment, Zone Change, Conditional Use Permit, and Vesting Parcel Map. A Final EIR (Environmental Impact Report) was also certified. These documents and other case processing and review information can be found on the Regional Planning website here: http://planning.lacounty.gov/case/view/specific_plan_no_02_232_centennial_specific_plan.

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