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On December 11, 2019, the Regional Planning Commission initiated periodic amendments to Title 22 (Planning and Zoning) of the County Code to correct errors, and to improve consistency and coherency. These amendments, known as “tune ups,” are generally technical and will be accomplished by ordinance.

RPC Staff Report for Discussion - December 11, 2019

Project Number 2021-003909(1-5) / Case Number RPPL2021010991

Proposed Amendments

An amendment to Title 22 of the County Code to make modifications where necessary: to correct discrepancies, typographical errors and outdated and redundant provisions, including, but not limited to, correcting Zoned District map errors (22.06.060-Zoned Districts Established); to revise for internal consistency; to streamline procedures; to clarify provisions, including, but not limited to, sections of the Oak Tree Permit Chapter, such as sections 22.174.030 (Applicability) and 22.174.040 (Application and Review Procedures), as well as sections of the Administrative Procedures Chapter, such as Sections 22.222.070 (Application Filing and Withdrawal), 22.222.080 (Fees and Deposits) and 22.222.100 (Denial of Inactive Application); adding, reorganizing and updating definitions in Section 22.14.010-A, 22.14.080-H, 22.14.150-O and 22.14.190-S to correct errors and to be consistent with State law and the location of other definitions in Title 22; and revising and adding other sections to maintain consistency with State law, such as the Housing Accountability Act, AB 1851 and requirements of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and other County regulations.


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Project Number 2020-001427-(1-5) / Case Number RPPL2019006515

Proposed Amendments

  • Correct or update internal references within sections;
  • Remove duplicate language;
  • Clarify ambiguous language or reinsert language from the previous Title 22 if the language was clearer;
  • Correct inadvertent changes made to land use regulations from the previous Title 22 or the Zoning Consistency Project in 2015;
  • Clarify applicability of certain development regulations;
  • Clarify ministerial procedures for Signs, Short-term Special Events Permits, Adult Business Permits, and Administrative Oak Tree Permits;
  • Insert language where necessary to be consistent with other County regulations;
  • Update provisions for specific land uses to comply with recently adopted state legislation; and
  • Split two chapters into several new chapters and a new Division - for Project Fee Programs and Specific Plan
  • Hearings

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