I received a Notice of Violation for unpermitted activity within the SEA. What should I do?

The first step would be to contact the zoning enforcement inspector listed on the Notice of Violation. Depending on the violation, temporary erosion control measures may be required while going through the SEA approval process to legalize the unpermitted use/activity. If the property owner chooses not to legalize the use/activity, then restoration of the habitat may be required.

See the Zoning Code for more information on Enforcement requirements. 


Why is it better to consult with Regional Planning before starting any unpermitted activity?

The benefits of consulting with Regional Planning before starting any unpermitted activity is the time and costs savings. Often times, the unpermitted activity is too large-scaled that a SEA CUP is retroactively required, which takes a long time to process and is costly. Our Department’s goal is to help property owners to build a project that will have the least amount of impact to biological resources and provides a cost and time benefit to the applicant.

Please contact our Land Development Coordination Center is you would like more information before starting any vegetation removal, grading, or trucking in fill material. You can reach us at zoningldcc@planning.lacounty.gov or 213-974-6461.