What biological reports will I need to submit for a SEA CUP?

Typical biological reports required for a SEA CUP are the Biological Constraints Analysis (BCA) and Biota Report. See Chapter 6 of the Implementation Guide for the required details for a BCA and Biota Report.


What is SEATAC?

Significant Ecological Areas Technical Advisory Committee (SEATAC) is a group of members from the private and public sectors with a range of expertise in ecology and habitat restoration. The members are appointed by the Planning Director. The committee meets the first Monday of each month to review developmental projects in SEAs. SEATAC aids the County in creating compromises that recognize the competing priorities of resource conservation, other critical needs of the public, and the development desire of private property owners. The Committee identifies significant biological resources and recommends necessary measures to support preservation, restoration, and enhancement that enable development compatible with the SEA resources.

See the SEATAC website for more information and Meeting Agendas.


Does my project need to go to both SEATAC and public hearing?

Yes, if a SEA CUP is required for your project, both a SEATAC meeting and Public Hearing are required.


How long does it take to schedule a public hearing for a SEA CUP?

The average time for a SEA CUP to be scheduled for public hearing is 12-18 months. The time frame greatly depends on the quality and timeliness of information submitted by the applicant.