Ministerial SEA Review


What are the requirements to receive a Ministerial SEA Review?

Your project will need to meet all 3 requirements to receive a Ministerial SEA Review.

    • Building Site Area cannot be more than 20,000 sq. ft.
    • Meet all applicable SEA Development Standards
    • Provide required Open Space Preservation on-site

See the Zoning Code for the section on Ministerial SEA Review requirements.


What is Building Site Area?

Building Site Area (BSA) is the portion of the development footprint that includes the building pad, graded slopes, structures, decks, patios, impervious surfaces, and parking areas. There are some development elements that are excluded from the 20,000 sq. ft. calculation for a BSA such as a portion of the driveway, fire dept required turn-around, graded slopes for access, and fuel modification zone.

See the Zoning Code for the complete definition and requirements of “Building Site Area”. Scroll down to “Significant Ecological Areas” and locate Definition L.1. 



Is a Ministerial SEA Review a separate permit? What is the process for a Ministerial SEA Review?

No, a Ministerial SEA Review (MSR) is not a separate permit. It is a biological review conducted by the County Biologist that is tacked onto your Use Permit. The County Biologist will verify that the proposed project meets all the requirements for a MSR. A County Biologist Biological Review fee will be added to your Use Permit fee. The Use Permit is allows for the proposed use, MSR is only for impacts to the SEA Resources.

See our Fee Schedule for the cost of “County Biologist Biological Review”.


How long does it take to get an approved Ministerial SEA Review?

The length of time to get an approved Ministerial SEA Review (MSR) will depend on how long it will take to process your Use Permit. A MSR is not a separate permit. Please see the question above for more information on the MSR Process.