Y-Plan Introduction

A few weeks ago we launched our partnership with Y-Plan, a program in the Center for Cities and Schools at UC Berkeley. The partnership is being sponsored by the LA County Fourth Supervisor Janice Hahn’s Office. Y-Plan is an award-winning program that has worked with teachers in the United States and abroad. Through this process, youth get involved in a planning project in their communities, learn about the planning process, get civically engaged, and become more empowered to effect positive change within their communities. The Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning has initiated a partnership with Rowland Heights High where Y-Plan will be piloted for the first time in the Los Angeles region.

Planners recently participated in a training with teachers at Rowland High and with Y-Plan staff. During the training, planners joined staff on a walk audit of the surrounding area around the High School. Teachers described the physical environment around the campus.

Planners also joined staff in completing a mini-Y-plan project. After learning about the physical conditions in the walk audit, planners worked with teachers and staff to make recommendations for improvements. Their findings were presented.

We are very excited to be working with teachers at Rowland High and with the Y-Plan team on this exciting partnership!