East Irwindale Community Visioning Workshop

photo of meeting room

On Saturday, December 7th, the East San Gabriel Valley Area Plan team hosted a community visioning workshop at Valleydale Park in the community of East Irwindale. The event attracted about 50 participants who had an opportunity to provide feedback on community values, issues, and opportunities.

Our team provided a 30 minute presentation on urban and community planning, as well as information on the East San Gabriel Valley Area Plan. This presentation was followed by two activities aimed at expressing values from memories and favorite places, and then applying these values to places people live.

photo of meeting room

The first activity (“Place-it!”) involved the development and identification of personal values. Attendees were tasked with using a variety of materials to express and discuss their favorite places and/or childhood memories. A group discussion occurred after the task, and the group’s values were established for use in the next activity. The group expressed their fondness for open spaces, parks, and access to natural areas. The group reminisced on childhoods in the area that were safe and walkable, with an emphasis on outdoor play and freedom.

photo of meeting room

The second activity (“Community Brainstorm”) tasked attendees to list issues and opportunities related to three categories:

  • Housing and Neighborhoods.
  • Retail and other Commercial Uses.
  • Transportation

Once these issues and opportunities were listed, tables of attendees were tasked with sharing, discussing, and prioritizing the lists. The tables then shared their priorities to the larger group.

To keep updated on events, read summaries of past events, and learn more about the plan development process, visit http://planning.lacounty.gov/site/esgvap/2019-visioning-workshops/