Neighborhood Data for Social Change

We attended a training workshop for a new neighborhood-scale data and storytelling platform developed by the USC Price Center for Social Innovation. The platform is intended as a tool to support neighborhood-level change in Los Angeles County and has been developed for use by everyone, including residents, community groups, advocates, non-profit organizations, and public agencies.  The platform has entered into a partnership with KCET for telling stories with the data. USC conducts monthly trainings the 3rd Wednesday of every month open to attendance by anyone and the Center also partners with organizations to train people on using the tool. The platform also allows downloading of all the data it features

The platform allows easy exploration of 150 data indicators and 10 different policy areas consisting of the following:

  1. Demography
  2. Education
  3. Employment and Income
  4. Environment
  5. Food Insecurity
  6. Health
  7. Housing and Real Estate
  8. Public Safety
  9. Social Connectedness
  10. Transportation

The tool features access to information for incorporated and unincorporated areas in the County and allows for searches at the census block and neighborhood scale. This will be an extremely useful tool for our community planning efforts as we look to gather data from different sources, explore the visualization tools, and at analyze information at different scales for various communities in the East San Gabriel Valley area.

Here’s the website: