Community Spotlight: Hacienda Heights

The East San Gabriel Valley Planning Area contains 21 unincorporated communities. We previously posted about the communities of Charter Oak and Avocado Heights. In this post, we’d like to share some information about another community: Hacienda Heights.


Hacienda Heights is a 11.86 square mile unincorporated community located in the southern portion of the East San Gabriel Valley Planning Area. The community shares boundaries with the cities of Industry on the north side, La Habra Heights to the south, and Whittier to the southwest, and the unincorporated communities of North Whittier to the west and Rowland Heights to the east.

Current Development Pattern
The northern boundary of Hacienda Heights follows the flatter topography of the valley floor, with land gradually sloping up to form the Puente Hills along the community’s southern boundary. The scenic backdrop of the Puente Hills and access to its natural areas contribute to the visual and experiential identity of this community.

The community is developed primarily with single-family residences in a suburban development pattern with cul-de-sacs and curvilinear roads. Commercial uses are located along the community’s major corridors, including Colima Road and Hacienda Boulevard. The commercial areas are largely developed with one-story shopping centers with surface parking. They are popular destinations and well-known for local eateries. Industrial uses are located near the 60 Freeway and railroad rights-of-way in the northern portion of the community.

Schabarum Park at the eastern edge of the community.

Land Use and Zoning

Most of the land in Hacienda Heights is classified as residential (69%), with a large percentage allocated to open space (24%), and a small percentage to institutional (2.5%), commercial (2%), and industrial uses (0.4%), per the land use policy map.

Residential area in Hacienda Heights.

Housing Data

Hacienda Heights has a total of 16,980 housing units. The majority are owner-occupied, while 22% are renter-occupied, and 3% are identified as vacant.  However, with increasing housing costs, many in the community are facing additional financial burdens. Approximately 43% of residents do not earn enough income to affordably rent a median value rental unit, based on current median housing costs and median income. Regarding home ownership, approximately 60% do not currently earn enough income to affordably own a median value home.


The community of Hacienda Heights has a population of 55,695 as of 2017. It has experienced a 4% increase in population since 2000, with a projected increase of 2.5% by 2022. Hacienda Heights makes up 23% of the ESGV planning area population.

Race and Ethnicity

Hacienda Heights is a diverse community made up of residents identifying as Hispanic (46.3%), Asian (37.8%), White (13.1%), African American (1.1%), and Multiple Races (1.3%).

Park Needs Assessment

In 2016, the Department of Parks and Recreation analyzed the park needs countywide, below is a link for the assessment for Hacienda Heights.

Next Steps

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