Community Spotlight: East Irwindale


Map of Jurisdictions

East Irwindale is an approximately 1.5 square mile community located in the northwest portion of the East San Gabriel Valley area. The community is surrounded by the City of Covina to the East, the City of West Covina to the south, the Cities of Irwindale and Baldwin Park to the west, and the City of Azusa to the North. The population of East Irwindale is 16,700.

Community Layout

East Irwindale largely consists of flat terrain and a curvilinear street layout with numerous cul-de-sacs. Many of the major streets in the community are paralleled by frontage streets that serve local residents. A railroad right-of-way is owned by the Southern Pacific Railroad also bisects the community.

Frontage Street
Example of a major street paralleled by two frontage streets to the north and south.

Major highways that pass through East Irwindale include Irwindale Avenue, Azusa Avenue, Arrow Highway, and Badillo Street. Secondary highways that pass through the community include Vincent Avenue, Vemon Avenue, Gladstone Steet, Cypress Street. North-South streets provide connections to I-210 Freeway, which is located directly north of the community.

Valleydale Park
Valleydale Park, located in the northern portion of the community.,

Existing Land Use

The vast majority of the land in East Irwindale is currently utilized as single and multi-family residential property (86.39%). Some land in the community is being utilized for government and institutional uses (11.18%), and only a small portion of the land is utilized for commercial uses (1.42%)

Housing Data

East Irwindale contains 4,165 housing units. The majority (72.67%) are owner-occupied, while 24.21% are renter occupied. 3.12% of housing units in East Irwindale are vacant. The median home value in East Irwindale $381,654, which is lower than Los Angeles County’s median home value of $521,684. Despite this difference, the median household income in East Irwindale is more than $10,000 more than the County’s median household income ($69,861 vs. $59,613).


The community of East Irwindale has a population of 16,700 as of 2017, an increase of approximately 8.72% from 2000. The population is expected to grow another 3% by 2022. East Irwindale makes up 6.81% of the ESGV planning area population.

Race and Ethnicity

East Irwindale is predominately Hispanic (74.37%), with white (13.37%) and Asian (8.61%) populations making up the largest minorities. The remaining 3.65% of the population of East Irwindale consist of other races and ethnicities, including mixed-races.

Park Needs Assessment

In 2016, the Department of Parks and Recreation analyzed the park needs countywide, below is a link for the assessments for East Irwindale.

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