What is an Area Plan?

The General Plan provides goals and policies to achieve countywide planning objectives for the unincorporated areas, and serves as the foundation for all community-based plans, such as area plans, community plans, and coastal land use plans. An area plan will be prepared or updated for each of the County’s eleven Planning Areas and will provide opportunities to update local planning tools such as community plans, specific plans and community standards districts.


Area plans focus on land use and policy issues that are specific to the Planning Area. The East San Gabriel Valley Area Plan (Area Plan) will be the first area plan prepared under the Planning Area Framework.

The Area Plan project boundary encompasses three Supervisorial Districts, including the 1st, 4th, and 5th districts. The area within the project boundary is 210.55 square miles. There are 21 unincorporated communities and 13 cities within the project area. The unincorporated communities constitutes 51.59 square miles or 25% of the area. The Area Plan will establish land development goals, policies and implementation programs for the following unincorporated communities in East San Gabriel Valley:

5th District

4th District

1st District

The Area Plan is a long term project that will take several years to complete. Project phases include research and data analysis; community outreach, workshops, and visioning; development of goals, policies and implementation actions; and preparation of the Area Plan and EIR.