What is the Safety Element?

The Safety Element, a chapter of the General Plan, contains goals and policies to reduce the potential short and long-term risk of death, injuries, property damage, economic damage, and social dislocation from earthquakes, floods, and fire in the County’s unincorporated areas. Examples of Safety Element policies include discouraging building on earthquake faults, in flood and very high fire risk areas, and ensuring essential public facilities are maintained during natural disasters.

Why are we updating the Safety Element?

The Department of Regional Planning is updating the Safety Element to also incorporate climate adaptation and resiliency strategies, as required by California Senate Bill 379. The Safety Element Update will be developed with community input, climate adaptation and resiliency strategies to fulfill this mandate.

Why is this important?

In recent years, wildfires have been increasing in frequency and intensity in LA County, while extreme heat events have broken temperature records and become longer in duration. These trends are expected to continue, which will result in placing more communities at risk of harm. To address these new climate trends and resulting environmental conditions, the Safety Element Update will identify steps that local communities can take to reduce the risks posed by wildfire, flooding, extreme heat, and other climate impacts.

Safety Element Update Information

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