Parkway Trees Program

picture of oak tree saplings
Oak tree saplings

Los Angeles County strives to create a thriving sustainable urban forest that safely enhances the health and well-being of its communities. Parkway trees are an essential element of healthy, livable neighborhoods and are a significant part of the County’s urban forest.  Los Angeles County Public Works has a Parkway Trees Program to plant trees in your parkway for free!

A parkway tree is a tree that is typically planted by Public Works or a developer who built the home or building, adjacent to the edge of roadway within the County’s right of way. Did you know that Los Angeles County cares for and maintains over 170,000 parkway trees located throughout the County’s unincorporated area along more than 3,200 miles of roadways? Not sure where the parkway is located? Check out the diagram below to see the different locations for parkway trees and private trees on your property.

Diagram of where parkway trees are planted
Diagram of where parkway trees are planted
Benefits of parkway trees

There are many benefits of having a parkway tree planted in front of your house. The obvious reason is cooling the sidewalks. The more parkway trees planted on your block, the more shady paths for you and your neighbors (and your postal service worker!) to stay cool during those warm summer days. Other benefits are cleaner air, less noise pollution, reduced health risks, and energy savings!

icons showing the benefits of parkway trees. Cleaner air, less noise pollution, cooler street, reduced health risks, save energy.

Click here to find out more about Public Works’ Parkway Tree Program.

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