Los Angeles County’s forthcoming Climate Vulnerability Assessment (CVA) will examine the physical and social vulnerability of communities to climate impacts: extreme heat, extreme precipitation, wildfire, sea level rise, drought, and flooding.

The CVA will also examine the potential for differential impact on specific communities and sub-populations, such as low-income neighborhoods, older adults, and outdoor workers. Across every dimension, the assessment will identify equity implications, including how climate impacts and vulnerabilities are distributed across communities and sub-populations.

Through collaborations with cities in the Los Angeles region, the County will identify vulnerabilities that cross jurisdictional boundary lines, fostering new collaborations along the way. Data gathered for the assessment will be made available at the city-level and help inform equitable investments in site planning, building upgrades, infrastructure improvements, and building and zoning code changes based on identified best practices, as well as in public health preparedness, emergency response and recovery planning, and community resiliency.

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