Why Did the Rooster Get a County Ordinance?

To ensure protections for animals and rural communities! Yuk yuk.

Our AV CSDs Update team has been meeting with community members and listening to what they would like to have or see in their communities. One topic that has come up a number of times, has been the care and keeping of chickens and roosters.

Some communities were worried about how animals are being treated and mentioned that in some places, roosters were being trained and bred to fight in cockfighting rings where other illegal or unethical activities were also occurring.

On the other side, the raising of chickens and roosters is an important part of the lives and livelihood for some, including rare chicken breeders, homesteaders, and families who want to raise them for food. Aside from sustaining themselves from eggs or the meat of chickens, the 4H program and others use them to teach life lessons and encourage self-sufficiency.

While these concerns by communities has led to different proposals in the Antelope Valley, we are happy to announce that a new ordinance dealing with this issue, spearheaded by the County Department of Animal Care and Control, has recently been approved by the Board of Supervisors. This new Rooster Ordinance seeks to protect the rights of people to raise and keep chickens and roosters, and prevent the situations that have contributed to the abuse of animals and illegal activity in rural communities.

For more information about the new ordinance, which will become effective on January 1, 2019, click on the link below.