Southeast Antelope Valley Rural Life Mapping Survey

We are building a Southeast Antelope Valley Rural Life Map to express rural life in unincorporated Antelope Valley and seek your participation. The map is being created in Map.Social in conjunction with LA County Planning projects such as establishing Jackie Robinson Park as a County Landmark and planning activities for the Antelope Valley Community Standards Districts Program. 
  Please join us in mapping the landmarks in your neighborhoods and towns that are important to you. Our invitation is rooted in a deep respect for your perspective and the cultural richness of this valley in Los Angeles County. A landmark is a place where an event, a person or group, a structure, or an environment is meaningful to you. We want to know: What is significant to your experience of rural life in Antelope Valley? Please use this link to access the survey: To sign-up and add landmarks directly to the map, please use this link: Map.Social