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In addition to attending any scheduled events, meetings or hearings, you can be involved in several ways.



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There are several documents throughout the process that will be shared for your comments and feedback. These include:

  • Concept Draft
  • Open House Draft
  • Public Hearing Draft

A Concept Draft is intended to highlight and summarize a community’s intent for a new Community Standards District (CSD) or an updated CSD. This document is being shared with the public to collect feedback and identify future discussion points, alternatives or areas of concern. The CSD ordinance will be drafted based on the Concept Draft and the comments received.

A list of all AV CSDs documents, including the Concept Draft, can be found on the Documents and Reports page.


Map.Social is an online mapping tool to help us better understand your community. Through an online map, you will be able to share things like important places in your community, or examples of what you would like to see (or not see). This could also include marking important trails or significant ridgelines, or where you think the CSD should apply.

The project’s Map.Social page includes some general information on how to get started, and more detailed instructions will be available on this webpage soon.


If you have any topics you would like to propose, please complete the Topic Proposal Worksheet