Farewell to Susan Tae and Welcome Mark Herwick to AV CSDs Team

Our AV CSDs team continues to transition while staying on top of our work program for your updated and new CSDs. We recently said farewell to Susan Tae as she moved on to a new role in the Current Planning Division of our department. At the same time we welcome Mark Herwick, who brings a wealth of knowledge as our new Section Head, to the AV CSDs team. Please read Susie’s transition note below to the AV communities.

Dear Antelope Valley Town Councils, CSD Committees and Valued Stakeholders,

It is with great sadness that I share that I will no longer be a part of the AV CSDs Update team… I am moving on to the Department of Regional Planning’s Current Planning Division to help manage our countywide groups.

For more than eight years my assignment has been based in the County’s north areas and I have been utterly impressed with the Antelope Valley’s beauty and memorable character. From the world-famous Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve to the Joshua tree woodlands and buttes, the Antelope Valley is a varied and stunning place within unincorporated Los Angeles County. But more than just its physical environment, I have been inspired by the community leaders who volunteer their time and energy advocating for their remarkable way of life. Their dedication and passion to bringing resources and attention to the needs of the rural communities has only made my responsibility serving them all the more important and meaningful. The rural communities of the Antelope Valley are truly special, and the AV CSDs update is an important step to their protection and celebration.

While I am sad to no longer be a part of the team, I am pleased to announce that Mark Herwick will be replacing me in leading this important effort. He has 18 years of experience with the department in long-range planning and current planning, and comes with a breadth of knowledge and experience to help balance the desires of the communities with practical and feasible implementation. I am so excited on his behalf that he will have the opportunity to deepen his understanding and affection for the Antelope Valley as I had grown to love and appreciate.

This is certainly not a goodbye as I am still with the department and will be overseeing the Current Planning Division’s Land Development Coordinating Center (“Front Counter”), Field Offices, Land Divisions, and the Subdivision Research and Enforcement sections. I will be working alongside David DeGrazia, the department’s new Deputy Director for Current Planning, and Mitch Glaser, who will be overseeing all Zoning Permits sections of our department. I will continue to serve the Antelope Valley in my new role, and hope you will reach out if you need anything.

Thank you so much for making my experience with the north areas, and specifically the Antelope Valley, so wonderful. I hope you continue to participate, to engage with the department in a spirit of positive cooperation and possibility, and to invite your friends and neighbors along in the process. The work you do on behalf on your communities is invaluable and will help shape the Antelope Valley’s future for years to come.

All my best,

Susie Tae


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