The Fairmont Community Concept Draft is now available for public comment. A Concept Draft is intended to highlight and summarize the community’s intent for an updated CSD. The CSD ordinance language will be drafted based on the Concept Draft and the comments received.

Comments may be submitted by completing an online Concept Draft Comments form or sending comments via email at AVCSDs@planning.lacounty.gov.

A list of all AV CSDs documents, including the Concept Draft, can be found on the Documents and Reports page.


A Fairmont CSD is proposed to be created as part of this effort.


A list of all AV CSDs meetings and events can be found on the Meetings and Hearings page.


April 12, 2018: Working Meeting

August 30, 2018: Second Working Meeting


The community of Fairmont is located in the northwestern portion of the Antelope Valley, west of Antelope Acres and near the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve.  The community is largely undeveloped and is generally not served by existing infrastructure and public facilities, but it does contain some single-family homes on large lots and some agricultural uses.  The community includes environmental resources, such as Significant Ecological Areas, and is subject to safety hazards, such as fault zones.

A more detailed description of the Fairmont community can be found in the Community-Specific Land Use Concepts chapter of the Antelope Valley Area Plan.