AV CSDs: How?

As more folks are learning about our project, we wanted to share a series of posts that introduce the project – the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How! 


This is the sixth in a series of blog posts that will cover the basics of the Antelope Valley Community Standards Districts (AV CSDs) Update Project.


Knowing how something is done is just as important as knowing what is being done or the other factors that are a part of the project.


We will be working quickly to get a great deal done, but we will also be thorough with the work. As a result, we will be expecting a great deal of County staff, and those community members that volunteer their time and resources to be a part of this project.


We will also make every effort to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard throughout this project. We want to make sure we engage with the community where they are, and that means going on social media, sending periodic mailings with updates, and having formal or informal meetings in the community.


This project will be done by DRP in cooperation with other County Departments and with the residents and businesses and community groups of the Antelope Valley. We will be working with everyone to understand what needs and desires the community has in order to support those desires in the zoning code, and we will be partnering with other County Departments to make sure that those needs and desires are translated to something that works for everyone!


Let’s do this!