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1970s & 1980s

1991 Supplemental Studies

2000 SEA Update Study


The Significant Ecological Areas are designated through the Los Angeles County General Plan and governed by its policies. In addition the Technical Appendix of the General Plan contains descriptions of the documented significant resources in a given SEA, including rare species and important geographical features, which document biological resources of significance to the County.

Adopted Los Angles County General Plan

The current General Plan of Los Angles County was adopted in 1980. There are 61 adopted SEAs as designated in this plan.

Draft Los Angeles County General Plan

Recent efforts to update the Los Angeles County Plan include changes to the policies, boundaries and technical descriptions of the County’s SEAs. The 2012 Draft General Plan includes 27 SEAs and two Coastal Resource Areas, and greatly expanded technical descriptions for each of the SEAs.



The following studies and reports have been used as reference materials by the SEA Program, and are maintained digitally or in hardcopy by the Department of Regional Planning. For additional information about any of the following documents please call 213-974-6476 (Monday- Thursday) or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

1970s & 1980s

  • 1973, Open Space Plan, Los Angeles Department of City Planning

  • 1983, Santa Susana Land Use Sensitivity Study , Red Rocks Research

  • 1984, California Wilderness Act of 1984, State of CA

  • 1989, A Cultural Resources Investigation of Tentative Tract Map #48722 Located in Leona Valley, Los Angeles County, California, R.W. Robinson, Consulting Archaeologist


  • 1990, Critical Wildlife Corridor Habitat Linkage Areas Between the Santa Susana Mountains, the Simi Hills & The Santa Monica Mountains, Paul Edelman for The Nature Conservancy

  • 1991, Southern California Water Trends, Knowles-Avery Land Company

  • 1993, Examination of Potential Animal Corridors Between the San Gabriel Mountains and the Santa Susana Mountains with Emphasis on the Crossing Through State Hwy 14, Interstate 5 and Los Pinetos Road, Independent Environmental Consultants

  • 1994, Metropolitan Bakersfield Habitat Conservation Plan, City of Bakersfield

  • 1994, South Coast Resource Management Plan and Record of Decision, Bureau of Land Management

  • 1996, California Fault, Thurston Clark

  • 1997, North Valencia Annexation Buffer Study, Impact Sciences

  • 1997, The Los Angeles Coastal Prairie A Vanished Community, Mattoni & Longcore

  • 1998, Preserving California’s Natural Heritage - A bioregional guide to land and water conservation, The Resources Agency of California

  • 1999, Castaic Master Plan-Final Report to the town Council, Unknown

  • 1999, Chino Hills State Park General Plan, CA Dept of Parks and Recreation

  • 1999, Current Management Situation of Special Status Species in the West Mojave Planning Area, West Mojave Planning Team

  • 1999, Memorandum from Wildlife corridor Conservation Authority, Wildlife Corridor Conservation Authority

  • 1999, Reexamining Fire Suppression Impacts on Brushland Fire Regimes, Keeley, Fotheringham, Morais

  • 1999, The Economic Benefits of Parks and Open Space - How Land Conservation Helps Communities Grow Smart and Protect the Bottom Line, The Trust for Public Land


  • 2000, Wetlands of the Los Angeles River Watershed-Profiles and Restoration Opportunities, Coastal Conservancy

  • 2000, Guidelines for Assessing the Effects of Proposed Projects on Rare Threatened & Endangered Plants & Natural Communities, CA Dept of Fish and Game

  • 2000, Guidelines for Determining Flood Hazards on Alluvial Fans, FEMA

  • 2000, Missing Linkages Restoring Connectivity to the CA Landscape, San Diego Zoo

  • 2000, Public Review Draft-California Forest Legacy Program Assessment of Need Amendment, The Pacific Forest Trust

  • 2000, West Mojave Plan Draft Evaluation Report - Suggested Conservation Strategies for Mohave Ground Squirrel and Appendices, Unknown

  • 2001, Common ground-from the Mountains to the Sea: San Gabriel and Los Angeles Rivers Watershed and Open Space Plan, California Resources Agency, San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles rivers and Mountains Conservancy, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy

  • 2001, Conservation Element of the City of Los Angeles General Plan, City of Los Angeles

  • 2001, Paving Paradise-Sprawl’s Impact on Wildlife and Wild Places in California, National Wildlife Federation

  • 2001, San Diego County Land Development Code: Biology Guidelines, City of San Diego

  • 2001, The History of the Los Angeles Aggregate Industry: A Century in Review, RGP Planning and Development Services

  • 2001, The State of California Rivers, Elise Holland-The Trust for Public Land

  • 2002, California Recreational Trails Plan Phase 1, California State Parks

  • 2002, A Guide to Wildlands Conservation in the Greater Sierra Nevada Bioregion, California Wilderness Coalition

  • 2002, Development Planning for Storm Water Management - A Manual for the Standard Urban Storm Water Mitigation Plan (SUSMP), Department of Public Works

  • 2002, Common ground-from the Mountains to the Sea: North Facing Slope Addendum, California Resources Agency, San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy

  • 2003, California Legacy Project Spotlight on Conservation: “North” South Coast Workshop, CA Resources Agency

  • 2003, Conservation Significance of Tejon Ranch - A biogeographic crossroads, Conservation Biology Institute

  • 2003, Linkages in the Landscape The Roles of Corridors and Connectivity in Wildlife Conservation, IUCN- The World Conservation Union

  • 2003, Maryland’s Green Infrastructure Assessment: A comprehensive Strategy for Land Conservation and Restoration, Maryland Department of Natural Resouces

  • 2003, South Coast Missing Linkages Project-A Linkage Design for the Tehachapi Connection, South Coast Wildlands Project

  • 2003, Strategic Conservation Investments: Revised Methodology, CA Resources Agency

  • 2003, Use of Highway Undercrossings by Wildlife in Southern California, Ng, Sandra J, et al.

  • 2004, Atlas of Southern California Planning Maps - National Forests of Southern California Land Management Plan Revision, USDA Forest Service

  • 2004, South Coast Missing Linkages Project - A Linkage Design for the San Gabriel-Castaic Connection, South Coast Wildlands

  • 2004, Draft Land Managment Plan Part 1: Southern California National Forests Vision, USDA Forest Service

  • 2004, Draft Land Managment Plan Part 2: Angeles National Forest Strategy, USDA Forest Service

  • 2004, Designing Monitoring Programs in An Adaptive Management Context for Regional Multiple Species Conservation Plans, USGS Western Ecological Research Center

  • 2004, Regional Conservation Planning in CA , Institute for Ecological Health

  • 2005, Analysis of General Plan-2020 San Diego County, Conservation Biology Institute

  • 2005, Effects of Urbanization on the Distribution and Abundance of Amphibians and Invasive Species in Southern California Streams, Riley, et al.

  • 2005, Maintaining Ecological Connectivity Across the “Missing Middle” of the Puente-Chino Hills Wildlife Corridor, Conservation Biology Institute

  • 2005, Roads and Biodiversity Project: Guidelines for Safe Wildlife Passage, Ventura County Planning Division

  • 2005, South Coast Missing Linkages A Linkage Design for the Sierra Madre-Castaic Connection, South Coast Wildlands

  • Biological Opinion for the California Desert Conservation Area Plan, US Fish & Wildlife

  • 2006, Comparative Review of Governance Structures for Ecosystem Management, Conservation Biology Institute

  • 2006, Guide to Native & Invasive Steamside Plants, Ventura Co Planning

  • 2006, Record of Decision West Mojave Plan Amendment to the CA Desert Conservation Area Plan, Bureau of Land Management

  • 2006, Vegetation Classification of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area & Environs in Ventura & LA Counties Version 1 Association Level and Specific Alliances, CA Dept of Fish and Game

  • 2006, Wetland Project Permitting Guide (& Santa Clara River) , Ventura County Wetland Project Permitting Guide

  • 2006, Wildlands of the Santa Clara River Watershed: Restoring and Maintaining the Integrity and Health of the River and its Watershed, South Coast Wildlands

  • 2007, Green Building Incentives that Work: A Look at How Local Governments are Incentiving Local Development, National Association of Industrial and Office Properties

  • 2007, Resources Management Plan, Puente Hills Landfill Native Habitat Preservation Authority

  • 2008, Best Management Practices for Wildlife Corridors, Beier, Newell, and Grading

  • 2008, Evolutionary Hotspots for Conservation Planning in Southern California, USGS

  • 2008, Griffith Park Wildlife Management Plan Draft, City of Los Angeles

  • 2008, South Coast Missing Linkages: A Wildland Network for the South Coast Ecoregion, South Coast Wildlands

  • 2009, Guidelines for Reducing Impacts to Wildlife from Wind Energy Development, Arizona Game & Fish

  • 2009, Improving Conservation Practice by investing in Monitoring Strategy Effectiveness, Nature Conservancy

  • 2010, California Essential Habitat Connectivity Project, CALTRANS & CADFG

  • 2010, California Essential Habitat Connectivity Project Executive Summary,CALTRANS & CADFG

  • 2011, Gorman Post Ranch: A Critical Link in the Tehachapi Connection, South Coast Wildlands Project

  • Date Unknown, Agoura Village Specific Plan EIR, Unknown

  • Date Unknown, South Coast Missing Linkages: Habitat Connectivity Planning for California’s South Coast Ecoregion, South Coast Wildlands Project

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