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SEA Ordinance - Previous Drafts

DRAFT 6: September 2014- currently DRAFT 5: March 2014- September 2014 DRAFT 4: December 2013 -March 2014 DRAFT 3: December 2012-December 2013 DRAFT 2: June 2012- December 2012 DRAFT 1: November 2011- June 2012

Draft 6: September 2014- Currently

Draft 5: March 2014- September 2014

Draft 5 was released on March 25, 2014. Draft 5 clarified standards and processes and reflected updates based on comments received for Draft 4. The SEA Ordinance Draft 5 and supporting materials were presented at Hearing #3 of the General Plan Update, a public hearing of the Regional Planning Commission on Wednesday April 23rd

Draft 5 Supporting Materials

Connectivity & Constriction Map

This map was developed as a draft map to accompany concepts within Draft 5 & 6 of the SEA Ordinance. It was released in April of 2014, with a public comment period through August 25, 2014.

SEA Connectivity & Constriction Map
SEA Development Map PDFs

The following supporting materials accompanied Draft 5 at public hearing. Unless otherwise noted, all materials are the same as those presented for SEA Ordinance Draft 4 below:

Draft 4: December 2013- March 2014

Draft 4 was released December 5, 2013. It was reorganized and introduced several new concepts when compared to Draft 3, the December 2012 SEA Ordinance. Portions of the draft were changed to increase specificity of standards or to address comments raised during the comment period for Draft 3. Draft 4 was also reorganized in sections. The comment period on this draft ran until February 3, 2014.

Draft 4 Supporting Materials

The following materials were released to accompany Draft 4:

  • SEA Program Guide - this document contains lists of species referenced in the ordinance along with additional guidance on the SEA Ordinance. Download the SEA Program Guide Here
  • SEA Case Report - the SEA Case Report is an analysis of the outcomes of applications for SEA Conditional Use permits. It gives a sense of the overall outcomes and percentages for SEA cases. Please note that due to the complexity of the report generation methodology, and the periodic updates this case report may not include every case ever filed or currently pending.Download the 2013 SEA Case Report Here
  • SEA Development Map - a map identifying existing developed areas within the proposed SEAs. This map shows the outlines of buildings, active uses, agricultural operations, disturbed parcels, and fuel modification zones. This map is intended to identify already existing development within the SEAs, and establish a limited site plan review process under the provisions of the SEA Ordinance. This map is available on this website as a medium resolution PDF. Comment Letters
SEA Development Map PDFs

Please note areas within the Coastal Zone are designated as Coastal Resource Areas, not SEAs and will not be displayed on the SEA Development Map

Draft 3: December 2012- December 2013

Draft 3 was released in December of 2012 and presented at a public hearing of the Regional Planning Commission on January 23, 2013. It remained conceptually similar to the organization and concepts introduced in the June 2012 SEA Ordinance Summary Draft, however it was a finalized draft with substantial additions in many sections. The comment period on this draft remained open until April 1st 2013.

Draft 3 Supporting Materials

Comment Matrix The Draft 3 Comment Matrix was a point by point response to comments received regarding Draft 3 of the SEA ordinance. The Comment Matrix also includes information connecting the comments and responses to changes made in Draft 4. - Draft 3 Comment Matrix

Concepts Created for Draft 3 The following concepts were begun during the Draft 3 review period, and were released in subsequent drafts

  • SEA Developed and Disturbed Areas Map - a map identifying all developed or disturbed areas within SEAs as of the time of release. This map shows the outlines of buildings, active uses, disturbed parcels, and fuel modification zones. In conjunction with the December Draft of the SEA Ordinance, this map is intended to identify already existing development within the SEAs, and exempt these uses from most of the provisions of the proposed SEA Ordinance. When the map is released, it will be available both through this webpage as a PDF formatted document and on our Department’s GIS Net web mapping application.
  • SEA Habitat Linkages and Wildlife Corridors Map - a map identifying habitat linkages and wildlife corridors within SEAs. The development of this map is underway and will be released publicly as soon as it is completed along with the methodology used to generate the linkages and corridors.
  • SEA Design Manual - a manual which includes lists of species referenced in the ordinance along with additional guidance and recommendations on how to apply the Significant Ecological Areas Ordinance to projects within the SEAs. A complete draft of this manual is being drafted, but in the meantime both the list of trees and prohibited landscaping species which will be included in the full draft are available for download. Download the Draft SEA Design Manual: Trees and Invasives List Here
  • Biologist Site Visit Checklist - a preliminary draft of the checklist a Department biologist will use to assess the biological resources present on a site in the SEAs.

Draft 2 (Summary Draft): June 2012- December 2012

Draft 2 was not a finalized version of the draft SEA Ordinance. It was intended to serve as a preview draft that outlined the approach and concepts that shaped the Department’s work as it finalized the next draft of the SEA ordinance. Many sections of of this draft state “standards forthcoming”. Those portions were further expanded in Draft 3. The comment period on this draft closed on August 1st, 2012.

Supporting Materials

The Change Comparison Chart summarizes changes between Draft 1 and Draft 2 of the SEA Ordinance. The information reads left to right with Draft, 2, Draft 1 and the adopted SEA Ordinance (Title 22.56.215,) the chart outlines what changes were made after the November Draft.

Draft 1 (Preliminary Draft): November 2011- June 2012

In November 2011 the Department of Regional Planning released a preliminary draft of the SEA Ordinance, combined with the Hillside Management Areas Ordinance. Subsequent drafts of the SEA Ordinance are separate from the draft Hillside Ordinance. To visit the webpage for the draft Hillside Management Areas Ordinance click here.

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