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Jul 18, 2022
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Adopted Ordinances

Ordinances adopted by the Board of Supervisors. Please note that effective February 28, 2019, section references were updated as part of the new Title 22. For more information about the update, click here.

2022.06.14Green Zones Ordinance
2022.07.12County Code Consistency with Title 22 Ordinance
2022.01.25Elizabeth Lake and Lake Hughes Community Standards District Amendment
2022.01.25Three Points-Liebre Mountain Community Standards District Ordinance
2021.09.15Public Art in Private Development Ordinance
2021.08.10Leona Valley Community Standards District Amendment
2021.08.10Green Valley Community Standards District Ordinance
2021.04.06Affordable Housing Preservation Ordinance
2021.04.06Interim and Supportive Housing Ordinance
2021.03.09Alternative Financial Services Ordinance
2021.03.09By-Right Housing Ordinance
2020.11.10Inclusionary Housing Ordinance
2020.10.13Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance
2020.06.09Compact Lot Subdivision Ordinance
2020.05.20Connect Southwest LA: A Transit Oriented District (TOD) Specific Plan for West Athens-Westmont
2019.12.17Significant Ecological Areas Ordinance
2019.10.15Density Bonus Ordinance
2019.10.01West Carson Transit Oriented District (TOD)
2019.09.03Florence-Firestone Community Standards District Amendment
2019.05.14Ban on New Outdoor Dance Pavilions in the Santa Monica Mountains North Area CSD
2019.04.30Accessory Dwelling Units
2019.01.29Technical Update of Title 22 of the County Code – Planning and Zoning Ordinance
2018.12.18Woolsey Fire Urgency Ordinance regarding RVs and Oak Tree Permits
2018.09.18Willowbrook Transit Oriented District (TOD) Specific Plan
2018.06.06Acton Community Standards District Amendment (Drive-Throughs)
2018.06.06CCAP Implementation Ordinances 2017
2018.02.09Santa Monica Mountains LCP Amendment
2017.12.12Altadena Community Standards District Amendment
2017.09.19Safe Access to Alcohol and Food Establishments (SAAFE) Ordinance
2017.06.06Cannabis Ban Ordinance
2016.12.13Renewable Energy Ordinance
2016.04.12Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone Program
2016.03.29Tree Planting Requirements Ordinance
2015.12.08Santa Monica Mountains North Area Community Standards District Amendment (Vineyard Ordinance)
2015.11.17Yard Sale Ordinance
2015.10.06Hillside Management Areas (HMA) Ordinance
2015.09.01Historic Preservation Ordinance
2015.06.16Antelope Valley Area Plan - Related Amendments
2014.11.12East Los Angeles 3rd Street Specific Plan-Form-Based Code
2014.11.12East Los Angeles Community Standards District (Revision)
2014.03.04Agua Dulce Community Standards District (Revision)
2014.02.11Ambulance Services Ordinance
2013.11.26Mills Act Ordinance
2013.02.26Secondhand Store Ordinance
2013.02.05Healthy Design Ordinance
2012.11.13Rural Outdoor Lighting District
2012.05.15Minor Amendments to Titles 21 and 22
2011.11.29Reasonable Accommodation Ordinance
2011.08.23Stonyvale Community Standards District
2010.12.07Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Ordinance Amendment
2010.11.16Altadena Community Standards District Amendment (Hillside Management)
2010.09.14Farmworker Housing Ordinance
2010.07.13Cerritos Island Community Standards District
2010.03.09Wineries and Tasting Rooms
2009.11.10San Francisquito Canyon Community Standards District
2009.09.01La Crescenta - Montrose Community Standards District Amendment
2009.08.18Lot Line Relocation CUP Requirement
2009.06.30Elizabeth Lake & Lake Hughes CSD
2009.06.02Private Schools in the A-2 Zone
2008.11.18Green Buildings, Low Impact Development, and Drought Tolerant Landscaping Ordinances
2008.10.28Baldwin Hills Community Standards District
2008.08.12Hearing Examiner Procedure
2008.07.22Cerritos Islands Urgency Ordinance Extension
2008.06.24Mixed-Use Development and Joint Live-Work Units Ordinance
2008.06.04Appeals Procedures Amendment
2006.08.08Density Bonus Ordinance
2005.04.05Shared Water Well
2005.01.25Green Line Transit Oriented District (TOD) Ordinance

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