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SMMLCP-NET – Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Program

Looking for information regarding biological resources, scenic resources, zoning, land use, etc. for properties within the Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Zone? Use this tool to VIEW this information for properties within the Coastal Zone. We do not have zoning or land use data for incorporated cities (those areas are ‘masked out’ in white).


WHAT DOES IT MEAN? If you are interested in a property located within the Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Zone and want more information, please visit the main Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Program website. You may also e-mail our team at For questions concerning current zoning and development regulations, please contact the county’s Land Development Coordinating Center.

NEED MORE FUNCTIONALITY? If you are looking for more layers or advanced tools and functionality, then try our suite of GIS Web Mapping Applications.

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NEED THE GIS DATA? If you are looking for the GIS data (shapefiles) for all of the layers on this site, please go to the LA County GIS Data Hub. The entry for this data is available for download, click here. If you have questions about the data itself or download process, then please contact the GIS Section.

DISCLAIMER/TERMS OF USE We strive to provide the most current information in a timely fashion; however, the information on this site is from several sources and the Department of Regional Planning is not responsible for inaccuracies in data from other sources.
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