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Program 5: Infill Sites Utilization Program

The Infill Sites Utilization Program promotes the acquisition, sale, or lease of infill sites of no more than four units each to increase affordable housing opportunities in the unincorporated areas and participating cities in the Urban County. Periodic funding of up to $500,000 may be provided by the CDC to assist with pre-development, construction, and permanent financing.

The County offers a density bonus to projects in the unincorporated areas that participate in the Infill Sites Utilization Program (with a pre-bonus capacity for two to three units on the site). Subject to the approval of a Housing Permit, an infill site is eligible to receive a density bonus of one additional unit and incentives.

The County shall market the Infill Sites Utilization Program as funds become available. The County shall market the Infill Sites Utilization Program along with the Density Bonus Ordinance and ensure that there is adequate technical assistance to facilitate the implementation of the Program.

Objectives By 2014, promote awareness of the County’s Infill Sites Utilization Program as funds become available, and in conjunction with the implementation of the Density Bonus Ordinance.
Policies Policy 1.4: Assist housing developers to identify and consolidate suitable sites for developing housing for low and moderate income households and those with special needs.
Policy 3.1: Promote mixed income neighborhoods and a diversity of housing types throughout the unincorporated areas to increase housing choices for all economic segments of the population.
Timeframe 2014, Ongoing
Responsible Agency Department of Regional Planning, Community Development Commission
Funding Source General Fund, HOME, CDBG

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