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Program 4: Density Bonus Ordinance

On August 8, 2006, the Board of Supervisors adopted the Density Bonus Ordinance, which provides incentives for affordable housing by permitting density increases beyond what is allowed by the General Plan, and requires set-asides for very low, lower, or moderate income households and seniors. Density bonuses and incentives, consistent with the State Density Bonus Law, can be requested through an Administrative Housing Permit. With increases in the minimum set-aside, a project can receive a density bonus of up to 35% above what the General Plan allows, based on a sliding scale.

In addition to an increase in density, the County’s Density Bonus Ordinance offers a variety of incentives. A project is eligible for one or more incentives, depending on the amount of affordable units that have been set aside for very low, lower, or moderate income households. Incentives include, but are not limited to: reduced setbacks; increased height limit; and reduced lot size requirements.

Furthermore, the County’s Density Bonus Ordinance provides waivers or modifications to development standards, requests for incentives that do not meet the State’s criteria for qualified affordable housing developments, and up to a 50% density bonus for senior citizen housing developments through a Discretionary Housing Permit.

The County shall market the Ordinance during the planning period, and ensure that there is adequate technical assistance to facilitate the implementation of the Ordinance.

Objectives Continue to promote the County Density Bonus Program to developers through the dissemination of brochures, presentations and web postings on the DRP web site, and by offering technical assistance to the public.
Policies Policy 1.3: Coordinate with the private sector in the development of housing for low and moderate income households and those with special needs. Where appropriate, promote such development through incentives.
Policy 2.1: Support the development of housing for low and moderate income households and those with special needs near employment and transit.
Policy 2.2: Encourage mixed use developments along major commercial and transportation corridors.
Policy 3.1: Promote mixed income neighborhoods and a diversity of housing types throughout the unincorporated areas to increase housing choices for all economic segments of the population.
Timeframe Ongoing
Responsible Agency Department of Regional Planning, Community Development Commission
Funding Source General Fund

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