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Program 25: Best Practices for Accessible Housing

Developing and managing an accessible housing stock is an important consideration for affordable housing. Best practices are needed to ensure that accessible and affordable housing units are developed and managed to provide the most benefit to persons with disabilities. While all newly constructed residential buildings must comply with the California Building Code in regard to building accessibility, this program focuses on the requirements and incentives related to the adaptability and accessibility of residential units within affordable housing developments that receive financing assistance provided through County agencies. Although accessible units have long been required in publicly-assisted affordable housing, the County hopes to improve upon best practices to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and fair housing requirements, while also taking steps to help match the accessible units with income-eligible persons or households that are seeking such housing.

Objectives Take active steps to ensure compliance with accessibility design standards as required by the California Building Code, ADA Requirements, and Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS).
In accordance with HUD regulations related to accessibility, expand design requirements for new construction for affordable and special needs multi-family housing projects that receive financing assistance from the NOFA application process to require 5% of dwelling units (or one unit minimum, whichever is greater) to be accessible for persons with mobility disabilities and 2% of units (or one unit minimum, whichever is greater) to be accessible to persons with hearing or visual disabilities, and to make such units available in the same range of sizes and amenities as other units in the building.
By the end of 2014, allow and support the inclusion of preferences for persons with disabilities having notice and opportunity to lease accessible/adaptable and visual/hearing impaired units funded with public funds, especially federal HOME funds.
By the end of 2014, complete ongoing research, review, and update best practices and requirements for leasing and management of accessible/adaptable units, in accordance with state and federal fair housing laws.
By the end of 2014, update NOFAs to require and encourage universal design principles, and, where appropriate, award extra points for projects that exceed minimum standards for accessibility.
Improve housing inventory and registration of accessible units on the Los Angeles County Housing Resource Center web site.
Policies Policy 1.3: Coordinate with the private sector in the development of housing for low and moderate income households and those with special needs. Where appropriate, promote such development through incentives.
Policy 2.1: Support the development of housing for low and moderate income households and those with special needs near employment and transit.
Policy 4.1: Provide financial assistance and ensure that necessary supportive services are provided to assist low and moderate income households and those with special needs to attain and maintain affordable and adequate housing.
Policy 8.4: Encourage housing design to accommodate special needs. Designs may include: units with multiple bedrooms; shared facilities; universal design; onsite child care services; health clinics; or onsite job training facilities.
Timeframe 2014, Ongoing
Responsible Agency Community Development Commission
Funding Source General Fund, HOME, CDBG, HUD Section 8 Funding, Community Development Commission

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